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Thread: Ammunition Accountability Legislation pending

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    Question Ammunition Accountability Legislation pending

    Subject: Ammunition Accountability Legislation

    This is the 2nd email I have recieved about this and was wondering if any of you have any insight or knowledge or this??

    Subject: No one can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 it has already
    started. Ammunition Accountability Legislation

    Remember how Obama said that he wasn't going to take your guns? Well, it
    seems that his allies in the anti-gun world have no problem with taking your

    The bill that is being pushed in 18 states (including Illinois and Indiana)
    requires all ammunition to be encoded by the manufacture a data base of all
    ammunition sales. So they will know how much you buy and what calibers. No
    one can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 unless the ammunition is

    Any privately held un-coded ammunition must be destroyed by July 1, 2011.
    (Including hand loaded ammo.) They will also charge a .05 cent tax on every
    round so every box of ammo you buy will go up at least $2.50 or more!

    If they can deprive you of ammo they do not need to take your gun!

    This legislation is currently pending in 18 states: Alabama, Arizona,
    California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland,
    Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,
    South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

    Send to your friends in these states AND fight to dissolve this BILL!!

    To find more about the anti-gun group that is sponsoring this legislation
    and the specific legislation for each state, go to the link below and read,
    then be afraid, very afraid:

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    Could be wrong here (I often am) "BUT"
    Didnt the Volker-McClure act of 1986 that prevented further Class 3 registration also include protection from "Ammunition accountability" and registration of ammunition buyers??
    Well I thought it did..seems the answer to my question here was answered in asimular thread in "Shoooting"

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    I guess I need to start reloading at a faster rate and find some waterproof containers :P

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    It's not just Georgia the Devils comin down to...

    They will hits us on several fronts at once, many of them obvious. While those bills are defeated, they will attach a rider to some huge bill that chips away at our rights. Then start all over again.
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    All the info on this issue one could ever want to read can be found here:

    (just being sure to hit both threads)
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