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    Default night hunting questions

    I down loaded the regs but am having a hard time finding regulations on scopes and low light hunting.

    What I am wanting to know: Are there any rules pertaining to huntin preditors at night and can you use night vision up there. What about spot lights for predators?

    Down here we are allowed to use lights at night for predators only.

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    Yes you can use artificial light to hunt predators, it's under methods and means, and I think it says something like it is illegal to use artificial light to hunt game except that you can for furbearers with a trapping liscense. Thats not a quote, but it's something like that. Read it for yourself to make sure your informed in the event you have a run in with the law, and always keep a copy of the regs with you in case there's a misunderstanding.

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    That question came up a few weeks ago, I believe it's on the top of page 11 if my memory serves.

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    Go Howel on a moonlight night from some willow thicketts to your back.

    I put up a good Wooooooo.... and use a Rem870 with 3"mag OOBuck when they show up.

    The Action is quick and exciting.

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    Page 13, halfway down of the trapping regs.


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