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Thread: Gold Creek/Indian River, Susitna River

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    Default Gold Creek/Indian River, Susitna River

    I have been kicking around some ideas of places to hit on a trip I am planning for June 20th - 27th. I have done the whole Clear Creek thing tons of times and I am looking for a new place to try. Could someone give me a little info as far as if there will be kings up there and what can I expect as far as trout and grayling. Just the basics will do. I am more less checking to see if it would be worth the trouble run up there.

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    Right around the 4th of July is an excellent time to be at Indian River. Plus or minus a week of the 4th and the kings are in and many will be spawning. I do not fish Susitna kings that far upriver as they are pretty colored up for me, but I can tell you the rainbow and grayling fishing can be excellent. The river is clear if there is no rain so sight fishing around the spawners works well. Lots of bears so be prepared. The cover can be very thick along the creek and boonie busting will be necesary. It is a fairly small creek (Russian River) so moving around is required. Beautiful place.

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    What kind of silver run do they receive?

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    Default It it hairy?

    Is it hairy boating up to get there?

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    Default Braids

    If you launch in Talkeetna, getting around the braids at the start can be a little rough. Once you get past that your ok, it's a long run though.

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    Pretty long run by boat. Fair for silvers depending on the run strength as is true for all the fickle Susitna tribs. Silvers can be pretty blush by the time they get there. There are many better and easier places to fish silvers.

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    I have only fished it in the fall. Late August/Early September. I found the rainbows to be the best bet. Grayling were there, but not every cast like some places. Salmon of any kind that far up, is a no no for me. If you like Rainbow fishing, GO!
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