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Thread: Best gear purchase

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    Default Best gear purchase

    What is yours through trial and error(worst gear)?

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    Thumbs up

    Some of my all time favorites

    Petzl e-Lite headlamp: comes in hard and is extremely small. Battery last forever.

    Gransfors Bruks small forest axe: Incredible in every way. Perfect camp axe.

    MSR Whisperlite International stoves: Rock solid performer and uses several fuels.

    Gerber LMF knife: Super knife that can take abuse.

    GSI 10" Aluminum dutch oven: How can you not like something that makes garlic biscuits and cornbread on float trips

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    Default My best dozen ever... (well.... dozen and a half!)

    1) Riddle Marine RMX 19 with Scott Pump and Steve Schmidt custom LS6 motor
    2) Sauer model 90 .338 with McMillan stock
    3) Hurricane Hut tent by Barneys
    4) North Face VE 25 tent
    5) Mountain Hardware gore-tex 3 layer pants
    6) Arcteryx Gamma MX pants
    7) Wilson 10mm CQB pistol
    8) Aire Super Puma 13' raft
    9) NRS Sea Tour paddling anorak
    10) NRS Groove PFD's
    11) 1948 Piper PA-14
    12) Bose avaition headsets
    13) Garmen GPS
    14) Iridium Sat phone
    15) Redfeather expedition 36" snowshoes
    16) Winchester camo worsterlon shirt
    17) Baby Collings guitar for rafting/fly out trips
    18) Jacks plastic welding guitar dry bag

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    Default gear

    Leica 10x40 Binos
    Swarovski 15-60x65mm spotting scope
    Sporthill Mtn pants
    Marmot precip rain gear
    Leupold 2.5-8x36mm rifle scopes

    These are the things that I have been using for years and have been top notch.
    I have some other good stuff but its too early to tell if it will make MY best list.


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    Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT. It is just a fantastic tent, and definately the best balance for family camping and mountain use!

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    x2 on the Whisperlite stoves. I tried a couple other kinds years ago...can't even remember what they were. I've heard good things about other stoves, but I'll probably never try anything else until my Whisperlite dies...and then I'll probably just get another one.

    For clothing...anything by Filson or Bemidji Woolen Mills. I own a variety of things from both, and wouldn't go hunting without them.

    Kahles binoculars are also good. Not the absolute best out there, but definitely an excellent choice for the money.

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    Barneys Packs x 4
    Ultra Light arms .416
    Cabela's old style hip boots
    Swarovski Spotter (gift)
    Hodman 3/4 lenght rain coat (no longer made)
    Sat Phone
    Liner Socks
    Shaklee Performance sport drink mix (aka magic juice as the clients call it)
    walking axe
    every camera i ever took on a hunt, cause without that i'd have nothing to look at in the off season!!
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    Default best

    Barneys pack x 10
    jet boil
    Lowa's GTX sheephunter boots
    Tikka t3 .300wsm
    Black Diamond headlamp
    Pentax DCF 10x50 binoc's
    thermarest sleeping pad/will buy big agnes insulated pad
    Did I say Barney's pack x10?

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    Default I see a similar pattern developing with some items...

    Swarovski ATS spotting scope.

    fleece, especially the stuff I got from Old Navy - dirt cheap, light weight, and has been great as a mid-layer.

    Gerber exchange-a-blade saw - for the $15 I spent on this one years ago, it has been great. Used it to saw through tons of bone while quartering deer, elk, bison and moose, and it's still sharp.

    My wife's 700 TI in .270 - a great gun to shoot, even better to carry, she let's me take it hunting, and it didn't cost me a dime!

    REI minstral pants - with polypros underneath, they've been great for cool weather hiking, skiing, and did very well on an archery moose hunt. Not sure I'd pay full price, but sale price is a good deal.

    Coleman gas lantern - many many hours of use lighting my ice shack, and still as good as the day I got it.

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    Default Gear

    Barney's Pinnacle Pack
    Scarpa Liskamm Boots
    Leupold 2.5-8x36
    Sporthill 3SP pants
    MSR Reactor Stove
    Hilleberg Kaitum 2 Tent
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    Black Diamond Trekking Poles
    Outdoor Research GTX Seattle Sombrero, REI Gore-tex Sombrero also great
    Barney's Pinnacle Pack

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    Default Best Gear

    1. Barneys Pack
    2. Wildcountry Tent (Absolutely Bomb proof)
    3. Swarovski Binoculars
    4. Swarovski Spotting Scope
    5. Thermarest pad
    6. Whisperlite Stoves
    7. HH Impetech raingear
    8. Meindel Mountain Hunter Boots
    9. Lacross Ankle Fit Hip boots with air bob sole
    10. Tika 300 Win Mag with Leupold 4.5 X 14
    11. Military Wool glove liners
    12. Sport Hill Pants
    13. Cabelas Thermax base layer
    14. Havalon Knives and lots of replaceable blades
    15. Wyoming saw unless backpacking, then Gerber lightweight saw
    16. Blue tarps
    17. Black diamond headlamp with adjustable power settings & different modes (Spot light, LED, Strobe)
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    I'm not sure how to answer the question... my favorite item recently has been a heavyweight long underwear top from Outdoor Research. Warm, yet stylish enough to wear around town.

    The single item that's had the most effect on the way I camp has been a backpack from Mountainsmith, the discontinued Ghost model. Its small size & limited weight capacity forced me to be more critical about what I take. My three-day pack weight went from 45 lbs to 24 lbs because of it, and it was like I'd rediscovered how fun hiking was.

    The worst items I've bought were an inline water filter for camelbacks and a kit that let me use an army canteen like a camelback. The filter leaked so badly that it had to be a sham, and it was impossible to suck water from a canteen through a hose because canteens don't collapse.
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    Black Diamond flick-lock poles
    Scarpa SL M3s
    Marmot hydrogen and helium down bags
    Arcteryx gamma mx hoody
    Olympus stylus 1030 SW camera
    Primus lightweight stove, over 8 years old and works great
    Outdoor Research Croc gaiters
    Patagonia capiline long underwear
    Outdoor Research Omni gloves
    Mountain Hardwear Compressor jacket

    Thats's it for now

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    I will rate this on the ability to hold up for more than 1 season

    1-Sporthill 3SP Pants (comfortable / durable / warm / dry .........)
    2-All Filson Products - Nuff Said
    3-Swarovski El/s still holding up
    4-HH Impertech (not as durable as I like but probably the best there is )
    5-Knives of Alaska Products
    6-Lowa Sheephunters
    7-Patagonia Capilene 3 (Cozy)

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    Hoffman pac boots
    Goodrich Xtratuff boots
    Lacrosse ankle-fit hip boots
    Patagonia expedition wt. capeline socks
    Simms goretex waders
    Helly Hansen Impertech rain gear
    SOTAR dry bags
    Simms Dry Creek daypack
    Primus Himalaya multi-fuel stove
    Katadyn camp water filter
    Military issue aluminum nested tent stakes

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    Best in this order:

    1. Zeiss compact binocs
    2. McMurdo Epirb
    3. Barneys Pack
    4. Northface VE 25

    Packable camo raingear off ebay $25
    Homemade Tyvek Bivy $10
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    Default best gear

    Buttout tool.

    Awesome, quick and easy. Takes seconds and makes field dressing a snap. Especially with frozen fingers.

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    Best: Swarovski 8x30 SLC

    Worst: Tilley hat

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    Therma cell

    sat phone

    and depending on season they rotate in order of importance, but mostly the sat phone... as i am not allowed to go with out it...
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