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Thread: Herter's International Match Grade

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    Question Herter's International Match Grade

    Now and then ya just gotta pick up some of the ol' stuff!

    Ya know --- the cool scrounger sorta possessions like paper or brass shotgun shells... hand-carved game calls, decoys, lures... even firearms and knives that might enlighten a fresh legend... the kinda of earlier period effects an outdoors person may exploit or just be reminiscent of trying to maintain an out of the ordinary today piece from times past on one’s shelf -

    Well --- I found myself in one of those pickles… in a tight spot not wishing to fritter away funds, yet could ill afford to pass up something neat. For me, it seams never to be the most up-to-date and greatest today; but dusting off or digging out time-honored treasure for some while junk for others that might not be had much longer.

    So --- What did I stumble on, why did I entertain, & what did I attain?

    I purchased several unopened, factory original Herter’s International Match Grade ammunition in .300 SAV. & 8MM Mauser.

    The Boxes read:
    ‘soft point banana peel bullets’!!! What in the world is that? Who made them? & What would be a similar bullet made today for comparison?

    It also says this ammunition was loaded to <1/20 grain powder variation!!! Sounds good? I think so. Is it indeed outstanding if this variation is precise by today’s standards?

    The 150 gr. .300 SAV. loaded brass & bullets made in Sweden. It looks to be full house loadings & I’m guessing this could be NORMA in origin? Maybe same manufacturing as Weatherby?

    The 200 gr. 8mm Mauser reads brass & bullets made in Finland. It also appears to be full house, but I’m guessing this is not Lapua and manufactured by a different ammunition plant?

    I may try a box for fun and accuracy at the range --- then again, I will likely just hold onto it for collector’s sake… what would be some reader suggestions with regards to my posting?

    I’d like to be more familiar with this seemingly cool crop of ammo… any info appreciated.

    Thanks -

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    About 35 yrs ago, my family and another family took a vacation from LA (the state, not the city) to the Herter's store in Waseca, MN. Don't ask why we didn't go someplace like Disney World,6 Flags or any other place that a 12 y/o would want to go, but Dad and friend wanted to go there.

    Anyway - while there - they bought a TON of stuff - reloading press, dies, bullets etc etc.

    While home a few yrs ago, my Dad gave me about 4-5 boxes of Herter's 338 WM, 200 grn. I took a box to the range back in May, and shot it through my Ruger M77 MKII, and it put 2 bullets that made a figure 8 - 1 hole, the other was about 1" out - I mave have pulled that one.

    Bottom line - it should be pretty good ammo. I was talking w/ my Dad a few wks ago about it, and he said that it was basically Norma ammo. Not sure if it's worth more to a collector or as stuff to shoot, but it should shoot very well in your application.

    Matter of fact - I just traded a M94 Win, 44 Mag to a friend of mine, for a Herter's 243 Win, he had had it about 30+ yrs. I have the Herters mounts, and if memory serves, my Dad has a Herters scope for it also. If not - I'm going to find an old Redfield to put on it, to make it period correct.

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    These bullets are made in Sweden with heavy gilding metal jackets. The inside of the jackets on the upper half of the bullet are scored lengthwise or cut half way through so to speak before the jackets are filled with lead. When the bullet strikes, the front half of the jacket peels back like a banana leaving the lead core mushroom in a circle yet hold together fairly well, about like the H-Mantel, silber tip, Core Lokt etc."

    Back in the day...Herter's catalog was something!

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    last year a lady whose husband had just passed came to the shop to put his 270 on consignment,the next day she brought in about 12 boxes of the old herters ammo. They were all 150 gr banana peel just like you describe in silver boxes. The boss had no use for them so I was given 7 or 8 boxes. which I shipped to my dad in OK. Dad said that they shoot great and he has already killed a whole pile of hogs while using them.

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    Default 8mm

    I believe the 8mm ammo was made by Sako in Finland if my memory serves me correctly; should be quality ammo.
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