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    I found a "slew" of yotes the other day. I have a fox pro but no yote sounds on it. I had one running down the road and then when I got out, I had him yipping and some more behind me. I went home and got the fox pro and put it on woodpecker in distress sound. I didn't have a very big area to see and I lost my remote so I can't shut it off.


    How do I set up?

    Do I keep the caller close to me so I can turn it off after a few minutes?

    What is the best call? I have hare in distress, etc.


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    Whats up buddy! Hey when we have had the remote one we would put it away from us but you need to be able to turn it off so they dont peg your position. We would turn it on for awhile and listen and look if we didnt see anything we repeated until we had something come in or left. If you want give me a call and I can give ya the run down of how I used to do it. Talk to ya later!


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