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Thread: How do you cook salmon/halibut?

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    Default How do you cook salmon/halibut?

    I like to wrap mine in foil with butter, spices, onions, garlic, jalapenos, or what ever I got in the frig. Want to try some other ways of cooking. Any suggestions?
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    Go to the Pantry forum and look at the stickys up top. I have a halibut one there. And there is a salmon one as well. Tons of recipes.
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    Salmon-mix up mayo, crushed garlic, chopped onions, dijon mustard, and a LITTLE liquid smoke. Salt/pepper salmon (leave skin on), smother fish with above mixture, grill. Don't over cook; skin sticks to alum. foil on grill rack, fish will separate nicely with spatula.

    Salmon-dry rub; mix 1 part kosher salt to 2 parts brown sugar; flop salmon fillet (skin off) in this, no rinse or anything, toss on grill (hot!); can spray PAM or brush olive oil on grill so fish no stick. (This is Bernard Rosenberg's recipe!) Again, no overcook.

    Halibut-cut into 1 inch or so cubes, toss in tempura batter (most want you to mix tempura mix with cold water; important. Fry in fry daddy or similar till lightly golden. No overcook.
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    salmon I make fish hash, halibut beer batter or mock lobster. Love halibut sautee'd in lemon pepper

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    Italian bread crumbs/ parmesan crusted bake it fry it or broil it. I do the same with Salmon or Halibut. I season them first with Cajun, garlic salt, and onion salt. My wife hates fish but loves my fish
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    I use fire, cajon seasoning and salt for salmon, beer flour and oil when I'm cooking halibut

    In the rare event I cook a small char its green onions, salt, butter and lemon pepper in tinfoil in a fire wouldn't eat it any other way.
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    Default Halibut tacos

    Halibut soaked in buttermilk overnight rolled in cornmeal then deep fried, place in a warmed corn totilla with scredded cabbage, pico de galo, scredded cheese, lemon juice and a 50/50 mix of mayo and sour cream last but not least a pinch of cilantro. The cheeks work the best in my opionion.

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    Thumbs up My father-in-law and I agree.

    The best Halibut recipe we share is the best recipe ever!!!!!!!

    My wife and I will make a dinner, anything but fish, and invite the in-laws. They arrive and bring us some halibut from thier freezer. We put the halibut in our freezer and use at a later date.

    Too bad my in-laws love to fish for halibut but don't like to eat fish. They also will trade us for clams or moose, if I can get the wife to agree to it.


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