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Thread: Bear hunting, Upper Yentna

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    Default Bear hunting, Upper Yentna

    Does anyone have any info that they would be willing to share about the Upper Yentna. 3 of us will be going to hunt bears,black and grizzly. My Dad is an Alaska resident, I live in the states. I was wondering about vegitation,as I have hunted in 16B before and know alot of it is fairly thick.Is this area the same? Can you land a float plane on any lakes up there, or do we need to go in on wheels? This would be a fall hunt, any fish in the river to speak of at that time. Are there lots of bears,as in most of 16B. Thanks for any info.

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    Ya, there are a lot of bears up there, hence the 2 brown bear limit. Some of those tribs to the Yentna have a whole lot of bears like the Tal. Oh, some very large ones also.


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