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Thread: New to Reloading - questions

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    Hi - I'm just getting into reloading. Anyone know where the best Anchorage place is to bet brass, bullets etc? I've found Miday USA online-is that one good? Any suggestions??

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    Before this gets might add to your mail-order list:

    Midsouth Shooter's Supply Co.

    Graff & Sons, Inc.

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    I usually bulk buy bullets and brass online (add Cabellas to the great list others have started for you), but powders and primers I buy locally (Great Northern, Boondocks, SW). I also keep an eye open in local stores for brass and bullets, but it's pretty much hit and miss...especially now. Go over to the Handloading Forum, you'll find lots of useful information over there that address your new venture.


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    I personally have dealt with Powder Valley Inc, Natchez, Midway, Cabelas, and RR Arms for reloading supplies, and have always been very pleased with their prices, rapid shipping, and customer service. By far, PVI, Midway, and Natchez are my go-to favorites.


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