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Thread: Ski-doo "J"-type Pintle HITCH

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    Default Ski-doo "J"-type Pintle HITCH

    Yesterday I picked up the 09' SWT with hinge hitch....Wanting to know where I can "Order" for shipment by U.S. Mail a J-type/pintle hitch for the SWT.

    Any reason the 09' SWT would need stiffeners, or reinforcing for heavy loads.......? Thank-you

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    Default J-Hook

    I'm sure Compeaus (Ski-Doo dealer) in Fairbanks would mail on to you.
    There phone number is 479-2271.

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    I would call Team CC in Wasilla. They had them n stock for my Tundra. I believe that they were around $45.

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    Does anyone have a J-type/Pintle hitch and wishes they had the hinged type.....? Such a deal I got for you.


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