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Thread: Outfitter style tents

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    Default Outfitter style tents

    Ok, so I want an outfitter tent that will sleep 3-5 guys.

    So far my choices are

    Bighorn III
    Alaknak II

    Montana Canvas Spike II, III or Kenai

    What else is out there?

    Must be an outfitter/wall style, must have sewn in floor, those are pretty much my only two requirements. I hunt off the Denali hwy in sep, so I don't need a winter tent, but spending two and a half weeks in a 4 man tent sucks. I want something bigger.

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    I have the 12x14 Bighorn ll, with vestibule, and I really like it, it has been very good to me for 5 yrs. now.

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    Don't know what this is what your looking for but heres a site to check out. Located in Billings, Mt.

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    Used the bighorn II for three hunts on kodiak and was so bloody wet it wasn't funny, if the temps are decent out i'm sure its fine, but throw a heater in it and let the air outside be cold, oh my word a quart of water a day i was scoopin' outa the corners of the tent.
    Call alaska tent and tarp tell them what you what ,they'll give you a quote and options you didn't know you had and build you a tent and it'll probably be cheaper than buying one....can't hurt to check. they are in anchorage and fairbanks.
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    Default Cabelas Alaknak

    I have a 10X10 Cabelas Alaknak tent we used on 2 Kodiak trips and 1 Caribou trip as a "kitchen/living" tent. Small 2 man tent to sleep in.
    I have titanium stove and pipe.
    As mentioned earlier in this thread, the tent will not let out condensation if cooked in. Weather permitting we boil and cook out the door. Wood stove will dry the tent out nicely.
    This is one of the best lightweight options out there. I replaced all the external poles with carbon take-off golf shafts you can get for free at a pro shop. Center pole and door poles I replaced with aluminum bought at Sportsman's Warehouse. Cut a TON of weight, the steel poles are very heavy.
    If you know you will be near trees the center inside pole can be cut. Leave cup and lantern hooks from branch stubs.
    Great tent that can take the wind.

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    Smile Spike III

    I have a Montana canvas Spike III that I have used for two years now. I did have it custom made for me. I put a canvas roof in it instead of the relite that comes standard. I did this to cut down on the condensation. I have used everything from propane heaters to wood stoves inside with no condensation issues. The only draw back with the canvas roof is if you have it out in wet weather you have to dry it out before storing it for a long period of time to prevent mildew. My advise if you are in an area with a lot of rain and humidity go with all relite. If not go with a blend tent. I have a used it in some extreme weather from high winds, rain to snow. It has held up to anything mother nature can throw at it. If you are going to hunt with 3 guys this tent is just right even with cots and gear. If you put 5 on the floor with sleeping pads in it. It would be crowded but still do able. The big concern with wall tents is if you put a wood stove in it for heat you will take up some of your sleeping area. My advise is stay with a min of 4' high walls this gives you a lot more of usable space in a wall tent. As far as size goes bigger is better if you have more guys and weight is not an issue I would use a 14'x20'. I pack mine on horses so weight was an issue for me. The total weight is 73 lbs for tent (45 lbs), poles (11 lbs), fly(9 lbs), and stakes (8 lbs). Like I said before if it is not real cold out I use a Mr heater propane stove to take the chill off. Do not use it to heat all night or you will not wake up due to carbon monoxide poisoning. I use a wood stove for colder weather down to -20 and it will heat up the tent into the 50s. It will stay comfortable for a couple of hours then you will need to restoke the fire. Have a light sleeper near the stove for this job. There is nothing like coming back to camp after being out in the cold and have a nice warm fire to sit by. I have done my share of back packing in with 2 man tents and there is no compairison. I hope this helps


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