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Thread: Budget specialty cake

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    Default Budget specialty cake

    OK so my wife and son were discussing what kind of cake he wanted for his 5th birthday. The expected answer was Chocolate, strawberry or something to that effect. The surprising answer was "I want a Wall-E cake". "Luckily" my wife had taken an interest in cake decorating early this year (#$%& WE TV) and had been piecing together the various tools for the endeavor. After a brief search she found a web site that had a Wall-E cake mold for $13 shipped ( Four days later she had the mold in hand! A trip to Walmart found confetti cake (his favorite) on sale for $1 a box and icing to match also $1 a tub (x3). Add in $5 for the gel food coloring which was all Wal-Mart had and the total cost came up to $22!

    Well you can look for yourself and see if you think we got our moneys worth! I know my son LOVES IT!!

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    nice job mom! it looks too nice to eat (?)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!



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