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Thread: Looking for a raft

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    Default Looking for a raft

    I am looking for a raft to use on a float hunt. I have been looking for a used one to buy. anyone have one for sale or know of a place to get one. I have been watching ebay but there dont appear to be anyhting in good shape thats in my price range. I want one that will last several trips but I dont want to break the bank getting one. I am looking in the 1,000 dollar range. I have looked at renting one but for the price of renting one I could buy one of the most expesive ones and have money to spare.

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    Default In?

    Are you in MN or AK? There will be a hundred rafts on Craigslist this Spring right around time the water starts to open and into summer. Good Luck.

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    Default Get some help...

    Do yourself a favor and please book or consult with an expert before buying a raft. It sounds like you will need lots of help for this trip, you will save yourself alot of time if you hire one of these guys to set up your trip. I have just gotten into the float hunting, but I did live in Alaska for several years and I have a friend that only hunts this way so I am able to consult with him on advice and pointers... I just bought a used raft and spend $2500 so I would have the right equipment... But I highly recommend either contacting Larry Barlett at or Mike Strahan on this sight... I guess I say this for you don't want to waste your time trying to figure out this stuff on your own... Anyways good luck and I hope it all goes well for the two of you

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    First of all, welcome to the forum RANCH GAL

    Kidding man, glad to have you. Lots of experienced hunters on here. You are at the right place.

    Not sure what raft you will find with that budget. Then add a frame and oars, I am not seeing it. Maybe you can find a used raft locally. I suggest you post this in the Rafting forum as you may get more insights there.

    There is a great book on float hunting that may answer many questions for you. It is wrote by forum member/moderator, and now owner, Mike Strahan. Awesome book with tons of info. Some 400+ pages of it. You can order it below if interested.

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    What bigdog said; Pristine Ventures rents equipment, but it may be cheaper to buy a used raft, I don't know. Found a killer deal on a raft last spring on Craigslist, but it was gone when I contacted him.

    I don't think Larry charges unreasonable rates for his hunt planning services; I thought it was like $800, but don't quote me on that. Seems like you get a lot for what you pay, let alone the peace of mind. Mike S (new owner of the site) is a guide/hunt planner too.



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