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Thread: Finding the best ammo

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    Default Finding the best ammo

    I currently shoot a 300 RUM - AWR and have difficulty getting the gun to shoot correctly. I have tried 4 different types of bullets (not at the same time) ranging from 150-200 grain. Without taking any kind of animals into consideration, does anyone reload or have any info on the 300 for the best cartridge(s)?

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    First off what does "have difficulty getting the gun to shoot correctly" mean exactly? Are your groups too big? If factory ammo does not shoot well for you then reloading is your option. Pick a couple different bullets that you like and with saved brass or new brass have someone make up some ammo for you. Trying different velocities and making sure the round best fits your rifle is what will perfect your guns accuracy. no one cartridge is going to shoot best in one guys gun that will also shoot best in yours. Pick a bullet and develop a load. If that doesn't work pick another and so forth. There are lots of .30 caliber bullets out there for good prices. I have a friend that shoots handloaded Scirrocos through his 300 RUM and it really seems to like them. The bullet will be up to you though.

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    I load the 150 grain Swift Scirocco in my 300 RUM. It is used exclusively for Caribou.


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