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Thread: Contacting Alaska Bullet Works? Looking for 220 gr. 8mm

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    Default Contacting Alaska Bullet Works? Looking for 220 gr. 8mm

    Hey, was going to work up a load w/220 gr. Woodleighs in my 8x57; but, I think I'd like to give Kodiak bullets a shot (shot...ha)

    Do they make a 220 gr. bullet in .323? If so, where do I find them? I can't find a site or anything.

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    I found thier phone number in the directory I think, but it has been so long that I no longer have it....... If you cant find what you want there, you might try hawk bullets they seem to have a pretty good selection of stuff and others on this forum report good things about thier products.
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    You should be able to contact them at (907)-789-3834. I believe this is current. Not sure if they operate on weekends but you can certainly try. If I remember they make the bullet you are looking for. We were always impressed with the quality and service provided by these folks. Truly a credit to the industry. Good Luck!


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