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    Me and a buddy just got back from the west side of Cook inlet, man we had some chances First we anchor the boat in a bay and put the Zodiac in the water, then we start cooking some Moose Brats for lunch. I get mine half down and see a Huge Brown on the beach 1/4 mile from us, we put the sneak on him but he wanders up the hill and into the brush before were setup. Before we leave I take a look at paw prints and there 9 1/2" wide. The next day we set up on the beach behind the zodiac and see what we think is a 6-7 foot bear on the beach for 30 minutes. I walk up to check paw prints and realize that were 400 yards out from where this bear was, we though it was 200-250 yards, prints are 8" wide, at this point I was feeling bad that my range finder still had the dead batterys from last year in it, and we did not pack any aaa batts for the trip. The next 2 days we seen 4 more bears, but nothing was a shooter. Thers always next year ;')

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    glad you got to see some bears, i just got back from cordova, outa 12 days we had two decent days we could hunt, saw alot of black bears and a few brownies, only two were boars, all high and away from the beach. client took a nine four three miles up river on a slide...glad you got to see some good bears over there. good bears are close to home as well..i think that gets overlooked alot...which is fine with me!!


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