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Thread: Glock 29?

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    Question Glock 29?

    I did a quick search and didn't find anything, however if I missed it feel free to set me straight.

    I'm looking at picking up a G29 to act as a BUG for my G20/.44 while out and about this summer. I've only ever shot the G26 in that frame size, and was wondering if anyone here has/shoots a G29? If so, how well does the gun shoot, tolerable recoil from the 10mm in a package that small? Easy to conceal/put on and forget about? Would you recommend stipling the grip to help with recoil?

    Any/all info y'all can offer would be appreciated

    Thanks guys,

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    Default Glock 27

    I have the G27 and the G30. Those are the .40 and .45 version. Both are nice compact guns that can go anywhere. Definately more difficult to shoot accurately over any distance due to the short barrel. But if you can shoot this size gun well the longer barrelled versions are breeze. I don't mind either of them as far as recoil. I have Crimson trace grips on the G27 and it is a nice package and would be great for close quarters.

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    The 29/30 is bigger than the 26/27. You can actually get all three fingers on it straight from the factory. I've not shot the 29, but I have a 27 and I didn't have a problem shooting well over 90% with it.


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