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Thread: Anyone want to trade for some H1000

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    Default Anyone want to trade for some H1000

    I have 3 lbs (in one lb containers) of H1000 my roommate got from a friend several years ago. All are unopened. This powder is kind of slow for the 06. I would like to trade for some H4350, IMR 4350, H414, Viht N160, H4831, IMR 4831, Reloader 15,19 or 22 or any other powder of more use in the 30-06.

    So if you are in Fairbanks and want some H1000 let me know.

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    I love H1000. I have Boo-Coo Win748, but it doesn't work for a 30-06.

    Oh Well, I'm in the Anch.or Wasilla area, anyway.

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    Default H-1000

    That's my favorite 300 Win Mag powder, works good in the 6-284 as well, too bad I'm already stocked up. BUT somebody will need it.
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