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    Default 300 Win Mag Load

    I was wondering if anybody out there has any experience loading the 300 win mag with 150 or 165gr bullets? I have an accurate 180 grain load worked up, but I wanted to try for a higher velocity hunting round for Arizona Pronghorn and Whitetails. I have several hundred Speer Grand Slam 150's on hand and the same amout of Hornady 165 gr SP.
    Would these bullets hold up to being pushed to 3200-3300fps as per load manual data? Don't want to have breakup issues for a possible/rare close shot. Also, would the extra couple of hundred fps make much difference out to 300 yards.

    Thanks for info and really enjoy the forum

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    I've got a long necked .300 Winchester so my loads may be to much for you but I've used 150gr Nosler Solid Base bullets for almost 30yrs for varmint and deer hunting. IMR4350 is the only powder I've needed along w/CCI250 primers. For their 150gr bullets my Nosler #4 shows a starting load of 70grs and a max of 74grs w/Win casings and Fed215 primers. As far as your bullets go the 150 GS's would be my choice. I've used the 180gr Hornady sp's and on close shots on deer they do more damage than I want.

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    Default 165

    the 165 grain boat flies good out of my browning - does some major damage on deer sized animals close - I load them just under full load and use Hornady innerlocks and they hold together way better than when I tried ballistic tips - the heavy game ballistic tips would not penetrate a mulie buck - at least not at under 100 yards - but they all died quickly.

    my loading books are in storage so I don't even want to try to recall what I was pushing them with.


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