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Thread: Patagonia web specials ....

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    Thumbs up Patagonia web specials ....

    Let's forego the politics. I don't care whether Patagonia can be accused of right-wing, or left-wing or centrist leanings. I like their good gear ... not the Gucci stuff ... but the hard-use gear.

    Their "web specials" are a good deal. Those items marked "-special" were made for the military. And are first rate. And they come in a color that a hunter/woodsman can like. Over the last few years, I've kept my eye on the web specials, and bought a few things.

    But the "-special" items are really great.

    Thus far, I've bought my wife a DAS Parka, myself a pair of Mixmaster Pants and a pair of Guide Pants.

    The Mixmaster Pants are great winter utility/snow pants with a bonded R1 fleece lining .... excellent cut and fit .... fit over some layers.

    The Guide Pants are utility/hard use pants .... 5 zip closed pockets .... tough material .... excellent cut and fit .... fit over some layers .... and REAL belt loops - big enough to take a 1.75" BDU web belt.

    I like both pair and may buy more. And my wife loves her DAS Parka. Wish the Army had gear this good when I put in my time.

    Take a look. Happy Trails.
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    Just a few weeks back, I got some of the "alpha green" Patagonia stuff. Awesome products and about 1/3 retail prices. Like $600 worth of clothes for about $250. Got the jacket, two mid layer polartec tops, and a vest. Nicest clothes I have ever bought. Not sure what is left, but a few weeks back they had some smokin deals. Mens-Specials/clearance or something like that from their homepage.
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