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    I am new to Alaska and was looking for some information on grizzley bear hunting around the Fairbanks or Summit areas. From reading the regs. I know that I have to wait a year to get my res. status. Any help on these areas would be great and means to get there. Thanks for all your help.


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    Since you have a year or so to wait, just keep reading here. Stop by the F&G office in Fbks also, talk to some folks there.
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    Default Welcome to Alaska...

    & let's hope you find your grizzly when you become elligible to hunt...with that, there's no stoping you from taking out a camera & going out "hunting" the hill side with a good camera/video camera, to get you prepared. Bring some side arm or pepper spray though eh...wouldn't want people thinking your the next Timothy Eatswell...


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