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    Default Kings X

    I got here first.


    The Halibut Bomb.

    I took a 6" piece of galvinized pipe, drilled holes in the side.

    Took two end caps and drilled holes in the center.

    After screwing on the end caps, I ran a length of steel leader through the cap, tunnel, and cap.

    I crimped a hook to one end, and a loop to the other. Leaving enough slack so that I could unscrew one end to load it with bait.

    I never got to use it... my friend sold his boat and that was the last place I saw it. But, I bet it works!
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    Default PVC too..

    I made a similiar contraption out of PVC. I attach it with a clip to the anchor and give it an hour or so of soaking time. The butt follow the scent line as I chum with last trips herring and some smashed up shrimp heads.
    Be sure to clean this chum tube out on the water as it will become pretty stinky if you leave it packed till you get home or worse trip out.


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