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    Anyone know of a good place to buy yukon river maps? i have one topographic maps page but with all the maps i need it will be more then 200$ so im looking for other options. Also ive been looking into these yukon river mapbooks anyone ever try em out yet?

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    You might consider topo map software. For $50 on ebay (reg price=$100) I got a program from Maptech that has all the 1:250,000 and 1:63,360 topo maps in the state. Among other things, you can create custom, seamless maps for printing. See my post on the Alaska Outdoor Gear forum on this board.

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    Possibly you could check with
    There are some other online companies that you can buy maps also,
    why not buy a map program for your GPS. they are very good, and you can zoom them up to great detail.
    my friends that run the Yukon have all the maps on their GPS and they can even identify all the known sandbars etc.
    It would be much easier than buying the 200 dollars worth of the big maps.
    just an Idea
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    yeah i was thinking one or the other but i wouldn't want a gps breaking down on me out there. But it could probably be just as expensive as the maps and would pack way less. Do u take both or just gps?

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    I would take both. I also take two identical Garmin etrex Legend C gps units. I don't trust electronics not to fail, but taking two helps. I should admit, after four float trips, I have had no troubles at all with these units. Very nice. Below is a recent discussion where I spoke of maps from they are great and MUCH smaller than the regular maps you will buy. If taking numerous maps, this could be helpful. They fold up very small and are waterproof. Below is the link.
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