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Thread: Decoy Mix

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    Default Decoy Mix

    If I plan on putting 5 dozen decoys out, does type of decoys matter? IE" can I mix a dozen sleeping decoy shells with other shells and add say a 1/2 dozen full body and say a 1/2 dozen super magnum decoys?

    And can I mix canadians, specks and cranes togeather?



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    Default mix n match

    There are no problems mixing your types of shells together, but as far as species I usually try & segragate them. So say the canadians are in front of you, put the specks off to one side say the left, & then the cranes farther out in the right perimeter. The specs can get pretty close to your group of canadieans but I leave a little space.
    It kind of depends whats flying & I don't have more than a couple cranes so they are a confidence thing usually farther off from the main spread.
    I have a few pics I will try & get posted.
    Then again as early as they are moving through here sometimes it doesn't seem to matter as they haven't been decoyed a lot by mid sept.


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