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Thread: Uses for old GPS units

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    Default Uses for old GPS units

    What can you do with old and somewhat obsolete GPS handheld units?

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    Assuming they still work.... you could probably donate them to a school or kid's group for geocaching activities.

    If you're looking to get rid of one, check with someone like AccuPoint in Anchorage and they'll probably have some ideas on who will take them or how to properly dispose of one. I'm assuming they are somewhat like computer monitors and have some substances that probably shouldn't be in a landfill.

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    Depending on the make and model, some of them can be updated either on line or sending to the manufacture, it is worth the check...


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    I'm sure your local Boy Scout Troop could put them to good use.

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    Give them to someone who doesn't have one (but needs one) as a starter unit or sell them on the SnS forum. Many folks don't need all the bells & whistles that the latest come with and will do just fine with an older model. Especially as a supplement for someone who is a compass and map navigator.

    My old Garmin 12XL is still a good snowmachine mounted unit where I have no need for maps on the screen. Just having a track log and a set of waypoints for all my POI's is plenty for easy nav while riding. My "good" mapping GPS stays in a warm inside pocket on my jacket and comes out as needed during rest or navigational stops.

    My old eTrex Vista (B&W model) is a very small and lightweight backup unit the usually resides somewhere in the bottom of my gear "just in case".
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    Default NMEA 0183 output?

    If it has this capability then there are a lot of good uses for this device still. Ton of software that can run on a laptop and receive data from the gps via serial cable. Personally I hook my small cs60 up to my laptop on the boat for my charting software... works pretty good (until i can afford a 5212).


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    Everyone I know owns a GPS, so passing it on isn't possible. I actually upgraded to a new Garmin because I liked what everyone I know has.

    I've got two 10 year old (maybe older?) Lowrance Globalnav 212's. Both work fine. I've got the 12v cable, external antenna, pc cable, VHS instruction tape etc......... They're "bricks" in both size and weight.

    I was thinking of donating them to the scouts or something along those lines. Wasn't sure if there'd be any interest for older GPS units or not.

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    If you knew me you would know someone without one.
    I like the boy scout idea.


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