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Thread: Anyone have some cast 7mm slugs?

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    Default Anyone have some cast 7mm slugs?

    I have a shot-out 7x57mm VZ24. It has a max bore of .287 and the lands are about .282 across.

    Maybe a gas checked lead slug would work.

    So I would like to try 10 or so before I go nuts and buy a bunch. Anyone have a few they want to sell or trade for???
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    F P, got a bunch of GC cast out of a lyman mould sitting in a box. There suppose to weigh 139 gr, but probably a little over with my mix. Ifin you cant get any locoly(sp) shoot me a P M and will get a handfull up to you. Will cost you a cup next time I'am in your area. Will weigh couple of them tomarrow to be sure on the weight.

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