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    Default Gel coat work

    The bow on the seasport I bought last year needs some gel coat work. I was wondering who does good work that you guys are familiar with.

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    Well where do you live?

    Be aware that gelcoat is originally applied to the mould as the boat is formed and it is part of the boat. If your gel coat is only scratched I'd leave it be. I have NEVER seen a repair job that a patched a color stripe matched well (due to the original color fading) or (more often) the new gel coat doesn't adhere and eventually peels away or chips looking even worse.

    To do a repair properly you ought to have the whole thing done and that is expensive.

    The best option if the glass has been damaged is to spot repair the glass, and then polish and wax the whole boat to a shine and you'll forget the scratch.

    At any rate in boat repair you get what you pay for and a good job is going to cost a lot. Good luck.

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    John, Some of us Sea Sport owners are getting to know each other and our boats. In better weather you might like to meet some of us and get some advice on your project, as we are doing most of it ourselves. The shops I know of take forever and you will likely be needing this kind of work done on your boat again in the future. (Assuming its not to major...)

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    Default CAC plastics in Wasilla

    CAC has done some amazing work, both repairs and fab stuff.
    They are located behind the movie theater in Wasilla.
    CAC has made a few repairs to my glass boat that are invisible now. They can also mix up the gelcoat and colors for you getting a VERY close match and they will teach you how to repair your own boat.
    They aren't cheap but the work is very good.

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    Default I am in Palmer

    I guess it would be handy to know where the boat is. I was planning on taking it to CAC to get an estimate. The Gelcoat is worn down to wear the glass is showing. My plan is to get the repair done and then put a keel guard on that Cabelas sells. After I get an estimate I just might be googling "Gelcoat repairs". I will have access to a shop so this might be an option.

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    Depending upon how estensive the damage is, gelcoat repairs are not difficult to do yourself. If it's just scratches and gouges, then pretty straight forward. If it's a larger area that's simply worn down and needs to be sprayed with gelcoat then I wouldn't try that myself.

    The hardest part I think is matching the color. If your boat is fairly new and has not faded much, then I would give spectrum color a call. You give them your boat brand and year and they send you the color already matched (the color it would be for a new/unfaded boat).

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    Default 2 years ago

    Joel Ashbreez did my Sea Sport. He did a great job and it was back in 10 days. The color stripe is noticeable only if you are close and the light is right. He still told me to bring it back for more rubbing after a season, I never did.

    His number is 529-5931 in Anchorage. Great guy just starting out.
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it

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    Default This Forum is so awesome

    Thanks for the references and the info. I was looking for all options, I hate thinking I only have one place to go with no second opinion. So thanks a bunch I really appreciate the info from all.


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