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Thread: Take a Soldier Fishing - Thank you for a GREAT Year

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    I just wanted to take some time to say many thanks to all of those that help make this website grow. If you post an offer to take a service member fishing or somewhere and you do not get a response, please do not get discouraged.? The word is getting out slowly that we are here for them. They need to know that you are here no matter how long it takes for them to respond.Over the years we have just had the website up, offering a place where citizens can link up with service members to go fishing. After a couple site crashes, and several attepts at putting a virus on the site we are still here. Several people and organizations have taken the Take a Soldier Fishing idea and ran with it.? Mostly they are successful because of their contacts or money and their drive to support the military. I commend those that offer these programs to service members and keep up the good work.? Individual efforts will be recognized individually and it is our dream that there will be one place that all service members can go to find some sort of outdoor activity or hobby or friend that they can relate with.? It is our dream that this site will be that place. My wife and I have put alot of time, energy, and money into our programs only to have some of them copycatted and claimed by others. We don't complain because it is for the service members. Our whole goal with our programs is to help connect people with service members so that they have the opportunity to show their appreciation.In March of 2008 my wife and I came up with a program for Ft. Hood soldiers to go fishing all across the state of Texas. Along the way we met some really great people that stepped forward and put together boats and meals and rooms for these soldiers. These event coordinators showed their true colors and showed these soldiers the times of their lives. It doesn't stop there though. It really starts with the boaters and the sacrifices that the boaters make for each and every trip for these soldiers. We do not pay for or compensate these boaters for their time or motels or gas or food. They spend alot of time and money to make a special day for these soldiers. This bonding time for the soldiers and boaters is key to the theraputic value of these fishing trips.
    Alot of the soldiers that we take on these fishing trips are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Some of these soldiers have been diagnosed with these conditions and then there are those that are too proud to admit that they may have a problem. Nightmares. Insomnia. Headaches. Constant nervousness and the inability to fit back into society. These are all conditions that we have been told that these fishing trips have helped with. Soldiers have told us these things. Not to mention being proud to wear their uniform again and to have served despite their injuries. This doesn't come from my wife and I, this comes from you as the community. The ones that support these soldiers not with just boats but food and prizes and hotel rooms and the smiles and handshakes. The simple thank yous that you say make all the difference in the world to these soldiers.
    Our program started ambitiously and not without its ups and downs. Thank you to all of those that have stood by us and the service members. The coming year will have some changes in store for our fishing program for Ft Hood. There will be more organization and structure for each event.
    We also work with other non profit organizations to work towards one common goal. Whether its riding bicycles or offroading or maybe antique cars are your passion. We can bring it all together in one place for service members to find. We would like to be an extensive (non government)network for service members.
    This year we had 11 fishing trips that were organized all across Texas.
    We took close to 330 service members fishing.
    We had 226 registered boaters for our events.
    We drove 3,896 miles
    This does not include the numbers of service members that have used the site to hook up with a boater and go fishing. There are 600+ members of this site and the number contiues to grow each day. 75% of the members of this site are citizens wanting to take service members fishing and the other 25% are waiting for the right person to post an offer to go in their neck of the woods.
    Combat Warrior Crisis Network will be launching the website sometime in early 2009 as well as our home site . CWCN will be offering, in 2009, marriage counseling for wounded soldiers and marriage retreats as well. We are completely dependent upon donations to make all of this work for everyone so if you can help then please do. If you already support us and our programs thank you very much. God Bless.
    Sincerely Mike and Dena Nashif
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American GI. One died for your soul and the other for your freedom.

    Check out our video on YouTube -

    I am sure that Ron, our Representative from Alaska, will be able to fill in the blanks for the trips that were put on in Alaska. Thank you once again to everyone involved. Mike

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    Look forward in doing it again this year!!!!!!!
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    Signing up for both Take a Soldier fishing and Wounded Warrior program this coming year... highly encourage others to so the same.
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    I will sign up again and hope i get a few troops to enjoy the upper kenai with me this fall. had no takers last year but it would be my honor to fish a soldier this year
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    allright.. these are both great... I'll have to look into them..

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    If you haven't checked out the events calendar yet please do so. Ron has been extremely busy with his stuff that I am sure he is going to need some help.

    On the schedule we have 4 military bases. I need your input as to what size of a group that you would like to see taken out from these 4 bases. I have transportation covered but I need some place for them to go fishing so I can let our sponsor plan for it. Now these events can be as big or as small as you like.

    A general rule of thumb is if the soldiers have to travel more than 2 hours to get to the event then it should be planned for a Friday, Saturday, & Leave on Sunday. If this is the case then we need to plan for food, and lodging for the number of soldiers that you wish to entertain.

    Anything less than 2 hours can be considered a day trip and they would just have to leave earlier in the morning to get there. I can help you coordinate with the bases to get the soldiers and so can Ron. There are a few soldiers on here that are at the bases in question. Just because your base isn't listed doesn't mean we can't do an event.

    While Ron is taking care of his business, is there anyone that would like to help in his place? We will help every step of the way so we can get these guys out and into the outdoors.

    Please send me an email if you are interested.

    Thank you very much and God Bless!!

    Mike Nashif
    President - CWCN


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