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    Does anyone know if there is a web site or someone local who can order in parts for a Triton Snowmachine Clam Shell? I tried Sea Marita but after 4 months they could not get the part, then I had them reorder and another 2 months no part so I told them to forget it, as I think they work with a 3rd party for parts. Have always had good luck with Marita so tried there first, broke a bracket that holds the support rods last Decemeber and made a repair but still would like to replace the bracket.

    Thanks for any info.

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    When I got some accessories last summer for my Triton Elite I found out that there is one independant guy up here who lives on the lower hillside who supplies all in alaska with anything Triton.
    If its Marita dropping the ball try another vendor in the area. I needed the parts I got ASAP as I was leaving to the slope the next day and wanted everything ready upon return home. Marita told me they couldnt get the part till the next day at least and I ended up going through someone out in the valley(cant for sure remember wich it was)and they let me pay them and gave me this guys number who I called and met him at his place that day. He doesnt do bussiness out of his house normally but I would call other vendors and and try your luck. Im sure I got on Tritons website and searched for local dealers through there.good luck


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