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Thread: haul road truck rental

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    Default haul road truck rental

    anybody know of a car/truck rental place that doesnt mind if you take a truck up there.

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    Wink ARCTIC outfitters

    PY Arctic outfitters ,got their name out of the Milepost. You can visit them on the web, but looks like you will pay extra for the privlidge of renting their auto's. Bill.

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    There's a company in Fairbanks named Go North, that rents truck with campers on the back, that you can take on the haul road.
    click on the 'travel services' link

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    Default Airport Rentals

    I saw trucks with "Airport Rental" stickers on them when I was hunting up there - pretty sure they rented them out of Deadhorse. Not sure if they'd rent them from Fairbanks....

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    Default That company is....

    Airport Equipment Rentals in Fairbanks, although they also have an office in Deadhorse and Soldotna I believe.

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    Thumbs up airport rentals

    Just rented one for two weeks.$750 a week with 1400 miles, fuel was $3.69 AT Dead horse. put 3100 miles on the haul road in 12 days hunting.

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    Question Any luck

    How was the hunting, road conditions Joescat?


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