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Thread: Modified Polaris Hitch Ideas

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    Default Modified Polaris Hitch Ideas

    I modified my factory Polaris reciever hitch after it broke the first time out. They are simply junk but I modified mine to what I think will be pretty bomb proof - time will tell.

    I took a piece of 2" x 3/16 (can't remember the length - long enough to span the reciever) angle iron and welded it to the existing hitch to reinforce it and to provide a flat face to attach 2 pieces of 1/4" flat stock for the hitch pin keepers (see photos). This is a similar system we use on 4 wheelers and believe me it works. With this system, there is no angle to steep to cause binding between the snogo and pull sled and there is enough play too side to side that you can back-up and the pull sled can crank over 90 degrees from the machine. Hope that makes sense, the pics should help.

    I built my own flapper hitch for my pull sled. I used a 12" long bolt, welded some flat stock to it, and made the "female" end of the flapper. Then I cut 2 pieces of 1/4" UHMW, bolted it to the flapper, drilled an oversized hole in the other end which connects to the snogo with a 1/2" hitch pin. I used 2 pieces of 1/4" only because I didn't have any 1/2" thick UHMW to use. UHMW is tougher than sheeeet, this is also what we connect our wheeler trailers to our wheelers with and they take serious abuse - never failed.

    I also bolted my rear bumper to the receiver hitch with a U-bolt for added vertical support. I need to add another U-bolt to the other side - only had 1 on hand at the time. I believe this to be a pretty bombproof system. I hauled out a caribou on the Steese hunt with no problems and last weekend I helped a guy out by pulling his dead Tundra, himself, and his pull sled 20 miles back to the trailhead with no problems. That was probably at least a 600 lb load. So far I haven't found anything that I would have done different.

    The rear bumper and reciever hitch are attached to the snogo with only 2 bolts per side. So the weight of the entire load is attched by 4 small bolts. That MIGHT be strong enough but I thought about adding 1 or 2 more bolts to each side but haven't yet.

    I previously posted other pics of the hitch in a thread called "how to a cargo sled" and therefore can't post the same pics here? Here is the thread:

    Hope this helps a few Polaris owners,

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    The mounting system is strong enough with the 4 small bolts, can add a couple more if you don't trust them. It is the swivel that is the weak point in them. Had 2, learned on the first one to weld the J-hitch solid on there. Easily towed 1500lbs afterwards.
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    Default hitch problems

    you need to put two straps ,metal coming down from OEM bumper to hitch
    to stop it from moving side to side. they break at the bends formed to mount into tunnel.


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