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Thread: garmin chartplotter??

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    Smile garmin chartplotter??

    hi all! chartplotters like the 420 series have good enough basemaps when you dont have the sd disks for an area?...i am planning to get the G2 disk for the west coast north under the alaska panhandle, but want to use it in the bigger interior lakes in BC etc! far as i know, no maps are available yet.....can i still make "bread crumb" trails etc whle fishing exploring, just like the hand held units and put in my own coord like i do for hunting etc?..thanks for any info! larry in prince george bc canada

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    ok, i guess i dont have to be so specific,,,do "any" chartplotters allow use in areas that you dont have the SD disks for?, if your area is in the west coast, and you are on the ocean in the east, will the screen just be blank( base map etc), but you can still put in waypoints and "bread crumb " trails, just like the handhelds?...thanks larry

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    I use a 3210 series Garmin and it comes with the North American map in it. I do not know what it has for inland use or Canada. I know people travel from Alaska to the West Coast going thru Canada. Mine shows the ports, water depths and just about everything that are found on charts. Older style Garmin's you had to buy a card for each area.

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    Every Garmin I've owned has allowed the breadcrumb feature as well as the ability to enter coordinates and make waypoints. Even for areas where I hadn't purchased the card that provides area detail.

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    I am somewhat familar with this unit. The base map is a basic as one can get. Yes you can plot your location and it will lay tracks for you. There is very little detail especially if you are fishing the interior. For AK. you will need the G2 large and although the detail is fantasic, many of the inland lakes will not be maped. In addition, the coverage area is rather limited.

    You can see the coverage area here-

    If you ae going to fish canada, then you will need the G2 chip for what area that you are fishing. Canada is broken up into 5 different chip.

    If you have the right chips, this is an outstanding unit. The downside is that the Alaska chip is about $400.00 and each Canada chip is about $300.00. Garmin cartography is their own and the chips are limited to Garmin products. I think for my money, I would look to the RayMarine in the 435I. Same base map, but the chips are thru Navionics. Not near the detail as the Gamin, but then the chips are about $90.00 each. This unit will also take hot maps, and a few others. The price of this unit is about $200.00 more then the Garmin. One diference is that the Garmin 420 series is the bottom end of their chartplotters, the Raymarine is their mid range.

    I am a retailer for both, including many other brands. I don't advertise here, but we are looking into it. Send me a PM if I can help further.



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