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Thread: Hookset for a Kenai King help needed

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    Default Hookset for a Kenai King help needed

    I hear a lot about when to set the hook. I would like to know your opinion. We will be fishing with spin n glows and eggs both drifting and back bouncing. I am used to walleye fishing where we do have to give the fish time before you set or you will pull it out of its mouth. With Walleyes if you give them to long the fish will swallow it. With Kings do they eat the eggs or just mouth them? any help would be appriceated!

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    Default kenai hook set

    IT kind of depends but for the most part when a king hits your rig you will know when its time to set the hook. I usually give it a 3 second count when the rod goes down I give it a 1 2 3 set. Sometimes you will get a tap tap then the takedown. Just dont set the hook until the rod is burried. Alot of times you will just get a slap where the rod slams down quick and back up again it happens so quick that you cant really react to it, sometimes the fish comes back sometimes it doesnt. With only single hooks allowed you need to make sure the rod is really down before you set it.

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    I like to get the line tight and keep it tight, no need for a bill dance hookset, the harder they pull the deeper the hook goes. Also microbarbs are nice
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    I agree with Geoff, with a few variations.

    With backbouncing, the hit usually occurs on the down part of the action, thus a slack line. If you lift up and it feels different/heavy, set the hook.

    When drifting, I agree totally.... count to 3 before setting the hook. If it is a snag, you will know by the time you get to 3 and in that case don't set the hook or you will likely lose it all... If the rod is bent, but "alive" (I don't know how else to explain that, but you will be able to tell the difference), then give it a hearty set.

    On a backtrolled spin n glow, often the rod will go down, let up and then go down big. If the rod is in the holder, by the time you get it out if the fish is still there, set the hook. If you are holding the rod, give it a bit of time before you slam it... I like for the fish to be pulling line before setting. Often the king will indeed be chewing on the bait, but still facing your boat... if you set the hook at this point, you will either hook the tongue or pull it out all together. If you wait for the fish to turn, thus pulling line, then set the hook, you will nail it in the corner of the mouth almost every time. Sometimes, however, you just can't help yourself and it all works out anyhow.

    There are some times, particularly when fishing Mud Island or below in June, where I won't set the hook at all. While these are usually smaller fish, it will drive you crazy to get a really good takedown, wait, set the hook and then there is nothing there. In these cases, when we just lift the rod and keep pressure on the fish, I find that the fish is frequently hooked in the tongue but with steady pressure, we are still able to net the fish.

    Hope that helps.



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