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Thread: raft for floating yukon rivers??

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    Default raft for floating yukon rivers??

    I'm looking to purhaps buy a raft to float some of the smaller rivers in the yukon,such as the ross. Any suggestions on a boat for 2 guys that would be able to carry 2 moose and gear for a week?Looking for some thing that could possably even take a small outboard from time to time.Have hunted moose with jet boats and open aluminum boats, the quietness and the ability to go on very small rivers with a raft appeals to me.
    will also be picking up a canoe.


    very informative site.

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    You might want to consider going with a 14ft Otter and a inflatable Kayak and or Canoe as your back up option for hauling meet. One of your biggest problems will be room and weight.

    Figure if you harvest two mature bulls and take the antlers you could be looking at 1400-1500 lbs of meat and stuff. Figure the avergae person is lets say 200 lbs with 80 lbs gear so 560 lbs and 100 lbs food, 5 gallons go juice with 35 lbs motor about 75 lbs.

    Total weight apprx. 2200 lbs give or take a few pounds. 14ft Otter or like boat may fit it all however it will be low in the water at best and if you go self bailing your sitting in the water. 14ft Round boat with inflatable canoe i.e. traveler would put you in the ball park for room and weight.

    Many options. You might want to consider the Cata-Canoe option!

    Hope what little I provided might help.

    Blue Moose


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