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Thread: I need a small pistol case for airline travel (S&W 500)

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    Default I need a small pistol case for airline travel (S&W 500)

    I am looking for a small hard case for carrying my S&W 500 with 4" barrel. I will be flying with it from NC to Alaska, so I want something very strong, but small/thin as possible. Most the handgun cases I am finding are way too big. Anyone know of any cases that would be just big enough to carry one revolver. Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Thumbs up Kalispel Gun Case

    Kalispel Gun Case, I canít say enough about this product Ė simply SOLID!
    The minimum pistol case is a 2 gun but you can use the extra space for additional valuables or a back up gun. It will fit into your check-in with no problem. I have a 4 gun and it fits neatly into my check-in duffle. There tuff as all hell.

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    Default call the airlines first

    Call your carrier and check what there requirments are for checked firearms!

    I believe all have to be in a lockd hard case but some like Delta also require that the case must be in hard sided baggage -not the popular soft sided zipper wheeled bags with soft sides, duffle bags, etc.

    I carried a lot of guns and stuff back and forth between AK and TX in an old foot locker. The lid was heavy and hard to open and didn't stay up - I figured that would stop most from getting into it. I figured that if someone did break into it the lid may fall and break a few of their fingers.

    Also paint the pistol case blaze pink and blaze lime green or something highly visible - could help prevent some luggage handler from pulling it out of your baggage without being noticed.
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    You shoud just be able to put a lock on the case it came in and send it in your checked baggage. Make sure you declare it and all of that good stuf(check TSA and carrier regulations). I flew my 460 in the original case. It is a big case.


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