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    I am thinking about purchasing the Bob frame with bag. I am a shorter guy (5'5) so this bag seems like it would suit me best. Does anyone have any experience with this pack? Thanks.

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    tried it on in the store. ended up with the freighter frame and hunter pack. i guess it depends on what you are planning on using it for? I'm 5'7" and my pack fits me great. with the bob set up you have less frame, which i didn't want, i wanted something that i could extend to strap extra cargo to. i drilled holes in the top of the external frame so it slides down even shorter, and the bag cinches down pretty tight, so if not fully packed it isn't one big wobbly sack. also depends on how many nights you plan on being out and your style of backpacking (ie lightweight, etc). i forget what the cubic volume is of the smaller pack (is bob just below the hunter?). i thought about the bob size in the store for a bit, and realized i liked the bigger size, should i need it. somewhat the same as others liking the pinnacle with freighter frame over the hunter bag, since it provides extra volume if needed.


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