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Thread: Hunting with friends

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    Default Hunting with friends

    Dave is a friend of mine that comes up every year and hangs out for two or so weeks and usually gets a Caribou...well, so far....

    Anyway, heres some pix from this Falls hunting.

    Dave just wanted one caribou, and ofcourse, to just camp along.

    Dave and Carl, atop the World.

    We took a ride up river, and I scored "Meat" as in young Bulls because it wasnt cold enough to store whole carcasses outside, I got these guys to dry up and for burger, etc.

    Then, as we were walking along in some good Black Bear county, Dave saw a decent Bull and took this shot.

    He was very happy with the results, and the fat meat.

    Dave went home, and we went hunting, as we must.

    Hope Next year is as good.

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    we have family that live in Kotz and they sent us over a caribou
    they caught last fall,it was the best caribou i've ever had.They invited us up for some caribou hunting and shee fishing but haven't made it yet.can't wait untill we do!Most of the caribou i've eatin is from either the Nome,Shaktoolik or Unalakleet area but I believe their all part of the same heard as up by you but it was unbelievable how much better they taste before they make it down that far.


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