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Thread: .338 federal performance

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    Default .338 federal performance

    What's you're thoughts on the .338 federal? I was thinking of getting a short action hunting rifle and had considered this caliber.

    Basically I'm wondering if there is anything I could shoot with the .338 fed that you wouldn't recommend shooting with a .308 win.

    I was looking for a short bolt gun mainly for WI and MN deer with the occasional AK trip (my only hunting rifle right now is a 26" .300). Originally I was planning on a 20-22" bbl bolt gun in a .308, but thought the .338 might be kind of interesting if the performance gains are big enough.

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    i shoot a .358 win, which is pretty much the same. the .338 fed should be good for most anything you want to hunt. terminal ballistics are similar to the .35 whelen, and bullet selection is better. the modest case is stingy with the powder, and bullet velocities run @ 2500fps-2750fps. drop tables are similar to the .308.

    this cartridge is a sleeper (like the .358) and kills way out of proportion for it's size. recoil is light, and it has a very high accuracy potential. kimber offers some great rifles in this caliber.......ruger, and sako too!

    happy trails.

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    Default 338 Federal

    Tikka also makes a couple of different configurations of this rifle too. Prices are not that bad either.

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    Default 338 Fed. on black bear

    I too am a 358 win. and 9.3x62 fan, however an opportunity last spring found me in possession of a new ruger hawkeye 338 fed. I backed up my neighbor on a fine blackbear, we generally like to put em down quick but at the same time we don't like spoiling the excellent meat (a family favorite). my hunting partner put a 270 hor. a little high and forward on the bear, when it started to run i put a handloaded (200 speer with varget) into the boiler room to anchor the bear for good at a distance of 80 yds...this round is a good killer if the shooter does his job. good all around choice for big game.


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