Does anyone Dip in the the Upper river at Chitna? I know that you have to get the upper river Subsistance permit if you plan to Dip above the bridge. The lower River is really getting to be too much of a mob scene for me. I always went with Hem but now the line is so long that sometimes it takes 2 days to get out. I think that its time to try something else.
I talked with F&G about the upper river and was told that the best time is early in the year when the water is low and since most of the land is private, You need a jet Boat.
I Don't have a jet boat. I have a 22' Hewes Ocean Pro and we fish for Halibut and Salmon out of Homer and Seward.
If anyone with a good reliable jet boat wants to try the upper river i would be willing to trade a couple of days Halibut and salmon fishing on my boat for a couple of days of Dip Netting the upper Copper River in a Jet Boat.
If interested please send me a P.M