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Thread: Just read John Henwood's book on Model 8 Remington

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    Default Just read John Henwood's book on Model 8 Remington

    I recently finished reading John Henwood's book "The Great Remington 8 and model 81 autoloading rifles". I would recommend it to anyone who's intersested in these old rifles--it's an enjoyable read with lots of good info. on the old Remingtons. In a sense,those guns are really more "Browning" than Remington--having been designed by John Browning and having the same long recoil autoloading system and distinct "humpback" profile as the auto 5 shotgun. Of course the same could be said of lots of other Browning desinged guns manufactured by other companies. I still hunt with my old Model 8,circa 1910,and it still functions perfectly. Now that's saying something,for a gun that's 99 years old! It's a 35 Rem,accurate--and has sent many deer and bear to the frying pan. I purchased the book through biblico books. Happy shooting and happy hunting

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    I have always liked the looks of the model 8 but never had an oportunaty to shoot one. Might just have to have a look at that book to help convince myself that I need one in 35 Rem...........
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    Default model 8

    interesting-about 10 yrs ago picked up a belgium browning version of model 8-in 35 remington, take down type when i was stationed in Japan. sold it to a collector-it was never imported into the states


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