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Thread: middle fork chulitna???

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    Default middle fork chulitna???

    10 foot cat, lale july, rainbows?????

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    Yes. Kings too.

    It's shallow and boulder stewn but in a 10 footer not too bad of a chore.

    You can either walk out along the RR tracks at the confluences of the East or West Forks or ride it out to Talkeetna or the Big Su bridge.

    Bear country, black & brown, so be prepared.

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    check water levels and monitor rainfall in the weeks and days before you go. can be a crazy skinny death march in low water years. i have floated it once and it was my third try. the other two trips we switched to the east fork at the last minute because of low water reports. your 10' cat will be a better craft than my 14' cat, so you will see an advantage there. july might not be too bad, but i wouldnt go much past the middle of the month, while the water is still somewhat higher from runoff. for short-ish trips, honolulu cr. makes a good take out point and hike. look for the atv trail from the mouth, nice trail. take care, abel6wt

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    Default Bears on the Middle Fork

    I got waaayyy closer to a black bear than I wanted to last August on the middle fork of the Chulitna. He just wanted me to leave, which I did without much adieu, but my hand was on my .44 the whole time I was backing away. I tend to talk alot anyway, but I was rambling like a madman at that bear. I'm not sure, but I think I told him he ws a very handsome bear and that if he'd just let me go, I'd consider helping him find a soul mate....Anyway, that river seems more like a small creek when you're knee deep and there's a bear huffing and growling at you directly accross it.! I wish I'd had a camera to snap some photos. That bear wasn't more than 25 ft. from me, bouncing up and down, huffing, growling, and otherwise letting me know that he was a touch unhappy with my presence.

    I walked about a 1/2 mile upstream and, after washing my underwear in the river, caught one of the most beautiful and strong twenty inch rainbows I've ever seen. She made three or four spectacular runs and four or five somersaults that reminded me of a steelhead. I only caught the one fish, but that fish and the bear made it a fantastic day.

    If I had time, I'd float it with you, but July is a bad month for me.

    Good luck,



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