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    I'm new to Alaska and was reading the game regulations booklet online when I came across what I thought was a strange regulation. I can't quote it word for word, but basically there are (I think 2) management areas in alaska that which you can shoot caribou while in the water with a .22 cal rifle.

    What's that all about? Are there too many caribou in this area? And with a .22 ? And just for fun-does a caribou float if you shot it in the water?

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    I would have to assume it has to do with the numbers and if I am not mistaken it is like a subsistence hunt, they aren't rack hunting, they are meat hunting.

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    There are a couple of areas around the northern part of the state where the limit is 5 PER DAY. F&G asks that you just keep track of how many bulls and cows you kill during the season. I think these areas support the .22 from the boat rule. I don't know if the 'bou are just very inaccessable, or there are too many around.

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    You can normally get right up to a caribou in the water, a 22 in the head does quite well and yes the caribou float.

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    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Default daily news

    there was a story by seth kantner in the ADN a few days ago talking about how the locals pick the caribou they want by how fat they are, and he mentioned that the fattest ones are easy to pick out in the water by the way they float.
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