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Thread: Snowmachines and Calling do they mix??

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    Default Snowmachines and Calling do they mix??

    How have you guys been doing that head out on snowmachines and call? I haven't done it yet but it's looking like I might for something new, but I have heard from different people that you don't have as much luck on a snowmachine due to the noise level they put out vs a pickup going down the highway and you'll scare off everything around and have to sit and let things cool down longer. Any comments on this?

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    About half of my calling is done by snowmachining in. I havn't noticed any real decrease in success. Two weeks ago I took a ride down to a spot I've seen a lot of tracks on the river, I parked the machine about a quarter mile away and walked in. I usually sit for about 10 minuted before squealing and that day I had a fox come within 7 yards... behind me I didn't even know he was there untill it was to late. But I think as long as you park the machine far enough away and sit still for a little while longer like you said to let things calm down, it doesn't make much of a difference.

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    Default Snow machines

    I've been either parking the machine a ways away and walking in to my calling area (1/4-1/2 mile or so) if I know where I'm going to make my stand, or I drive past slowly and pick out a good place to set up, then walk back to it. Seems to be working out all right for me.

    Last year my partner and I were heading up river and saw a yote out on the river bank. He saw us immediately and trotted up river about a quarter mile then went off in to the alders. Where he went in was on a slough so we went on up river past where he went in and parked our machines on the far side of the island across from where he went in and made our stand on the point. My partner called once and the yote reappeared in the same spot we saw him go in. This whole senario took place with in 10 minutes. So I think that if they hear some thing to eat and they are hungry it does't matter. I supose this could vary from animal to animal as well.


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