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Thread: 338-06 bullet weight choice

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    Question 338-06 bullet weight choice

    I'm confused.. yea I know what's new..

    Everybody seems to settle on 210gr or 225gr as their go-to bullet weight for the 338-06. Looking at published velocity and ballistic coefficient info for Nosler's 338-06 ammo with 210, 225 and 250gr partitions I see no reason not to include the 250 in the discussion. Low velocity and poor trajectory are always stated as the issue, but at least out to 300 yds, the 250 is at least 10% over the published 1800fps min velocity for the partition (and from 100yds out VERY close to both the 210 and 225) and the drop versus the 210gr is a huge 1.5 inches more at 300yds.

    What am I missing?


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    Default what shoots best for you -

    I can find an excuse to use 180gr Nos Accubonds, 185, 225, or 250gr X bullets, or 250gr Roundnose Hornadys if I think on it long enough

    Which one does your rifle like?

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    I can even find excuses to shoot Barnes 160s in mine!

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    210 is fine up through black bear. I'm sure that many ppl have had success with it up through moose, but personally, I wouldn't go lower than 225 for that. In fact, 225 will do for anything in NA...w/an SD of .281, a good bullet will likely penetrate well in even big coastal bears.

    I don't see anything wrong with using 250's in 338-06, so long as the bullet will expand at 338-06 velocities (2550 is probably tops). Nosler and woodleigh would both be ideal for this.
    Actually, a SD of .313 traveling at 2500+ fps is much closer to the way big game hunters used to do it.


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