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Thread: Air boat props.

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    Thumbs up Air boat props.

    I have a chevy 350 / 350hp with a 2.1 reduction unit it has a warp drive on it now. I would like to put a whirl wind stump puller on it is it a better prop. Let me know. Thank's.

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    I have the old Whirl Wind super duties on my FI 5.7 2:1 airboat. If I remember right the stump pullers are 1" wider, and I do believe Roger has these props on his big ol' Levitator.

    One thing I do know is I have spent a lot of time in the cage (guard) of my boat, and the whirl wind props make climbing in and out much easier.

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    What is the angle of your prop (blades) and maxims RPM of your engine at that angle? If you want to replace your prop this information will be help full in selecting a new prop.

    Have you try changing the angle to improve performance? In fact the problem you’re having may not be the prop but the engine/ carabrator?

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    Hi There Moose Hunter I Sale The Whirlwind Props And With What You Are Saying That Your Running I Would Recommend A Three Blade Stump Puller On Your Boat, Where Are You Located, Me I Live In Fairbanks, If Your Near Here I Could Mount A Set On Your Boat So You Could Try Them, Thats What I Do For My Costomers So I Know And You Know That The Prop That Works On Your Boat.PM Me With A Phone Number Our Give Me A Call 907-322-3291. Skip


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