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Thread: Shopping around and had a few ?'s

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    Default Shopping around and had a few ?'s

    I was thinking on buying a rangefinder and had it narrowed down to two choices the Bushnell 1000 ARC and the Nikon Monarch 800, does anyone have any input on either of these? Also I'm looking for a good long range shooting scope for my riffle, the Bushnell 3200 series looks decent, one gentlemen had mentioned this scope here with no problems and was wondering if anyone else has any experience with this scope ? But within reason of price as I know the more you spend the "more you get" but I have some limits on how much I want to spend. I have this posted in the Optics Fourm but so far no takers, thought I would try here Thanks

    Also I'm looking at replacing the wood stock on my Savage 110 270 and I'm having a hard time finding any on the web anyone have a place to go?
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    Default Boyds

    I put a Boyds Ross thumbhole on my Rem 700 and really like it. Looks like they have some for the savage as well.


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    I've never used those models of rangefinders.

    However, I can say that my buddy's Leica is easily 4x more accurate and sensitive than my bushnell.

    Love having mine; but his is leap years better.


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    Default +1 for the Leica

    One thing to realize is that some companies exagerate or make very optimistic claims on their range finders performance. The Nikon Monach 800 might get an 800 yd reading under perfect conditons and a very steady hold but I would guess you wont get good performance past 600 yds. I might be wrong but I got a Nikon 1200 and the farthest range I ever got off it was just over 900. Under good conditons it would fairly consistantly range out to 800 +. In low light conditions the reading would get erratic or no reading at all. I will eventually get a Leica CRF 1200 or a Swaro. The Leica will range to 1200 consistantly from the reviews I've read and the Swaro further. Before you buy one, ask to take it out in the parking lot and try it out. Range finders are different and things like reflectivity of target, color of target, light conditions (too bright, or low light) and other things will affect them differently. Your best bet would be the Leica 900 or 1200 CRF.

    You might want to check and see if the Elite 3200 has a parallax adjustment. Parallax will induce significant error at long ranges.

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