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Thread: air charters for the charley?

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    Default air charters for the charley?

    beginning to make plans for this summer. anyone have experience with air charters out of delta/circle/tok/eagle? thanks, steve

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    Found this by going to "Services" up top, then air taxis.

    40 Mile Air Ltd PO Box 539-Dept. OA, Tok, AK 99780-0539. (Mile 1313 Alaska Hwy) Tel. (907) 883-5191 FAX: (907) 883-5194 When you’re planning your next hunting trip call the experts at 40-MILE AIR for your wilderness transportation needs. More than 30 years of experience flying hunters in and out of Interior Alaska’s most rugged game-filled regions gives us a well-known edge in being able to provide hunters with the opportunity for a successful hunting season. If it’s moose, caribou or sheep you’re after, 40-MILE AIR hunters have put several of these trophy animals in the record book in past years. The current #1, #5, and #22 moose have all been taken on 40-MILE AIR hunts. We can help you build an unforgettable Alaska experience.

    Also, Circle Air is located in Central,Alaska (30 miles from Circle). I have talked with them a few times myself lately. Nice folks. They have a toll free number 1-866-520-5223
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    depends on where you are coming from. if'n from the south it makes sense to drive to tok and use 40-mile air.

    if'n from the north, aka fairbanks, your best bet is to use wrights out of fairbanks. ( by, the time you figure driving to tok and back—gas/time—its a FAR better deal to just drive to fairbanks international, drop your rig there and pick it up when you get back to town, as opposed to then having to drive all the way back to tok just to get a vehicle. wright's has a helio is perfect for getting you into the charley.

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    thanks for the info guys. steve

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    The reference to Circle air as "nice guys" has been debated. PM please if interested.


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