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Thread: 22 sight in range for small game

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    Default 22 sight in range for small game

    I am going to sight in my new 22 rifle for small game. I am thinking dead on at 50 yards but as I think about it i havent ever shot a small game animal ie squirrel, grouse, or bunnies over 25 yards so whats the best range

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    I sight mine at 25 dead on, like you said most of the time your not shooting past that. The farthest I have shot a ptarmigan was about 60 yards with my marlin 22mag. up near the minto flats and I adjusted accordingly. Good luck with your gun and happy hunting.

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    I sight mine in for dead on at 15 or 20 yards... With my low profile red dot scope its scary close at 50 yards. I shoot a lot of snowshoes at like 5 to 15 yards. 20 yards is a long shot for me and I get out and shoot my limit 2 to 3 times a week.... I dont always get my limit though as i only shoot what i want to eat in a week.

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    Well, I am a bit of the crazy person who prefers long shots for ptarmigan and grouse, never hunted much rabbit... so let me toss out what I do and let you adjust for your use.

    My rifle, with high velocity .22lr hollowpoints has a nice trajectory when zeroed for 20/60 yards... basically you are assured it will always be within a half inch of your POA out to 60 yards... at 60 yards it is again zeroed... moving farther out, it only drops 5 inches by the time it gets to 100 yards... basically I aim half a grouse high at that range and it still works nicely. I don't care for a 50 yard zero much since it means a lot more drop (nearly an inch and a half plus) at 100yds and if you miss-estimate that 100yds by even 10 yards it means an 8inch drop, while the 60yd zero results in only a 6 inch drop.

    Your desired ammo and rifle barrel length will obviously affect these values, but for what its worth... the 20/60 zero is surprisingly effective at both shorter and longer ranges. My bullet of choice is 38 grains, and if memory serves is about 1250fps at the muzzle. I never found brand to make much difference in the trajectory, I just shoot what is most consistent and balances with my limited budget the best...

    Good Luck and have fun!
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