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    I was over at Maui (wife made me go) and observered some young people using a Hobie Cat Mirage Tandem pedal power (kayak?).
    It seemed to handle real sweet going out through some low surf and looked pretty stable in the open water with 2 people aboard and moved right along. They were fishing and diving from it. I looked it over and talked to em and they said they loved it.
    I checked with the rental outfits and they said they don`t use em cuz they always come back broken. I read some reviews and most seemed favorable except in shallow water and with only one occupant.

    I`m a pretty big guy 265# with most of my bulk above the water line and always felt a little uneasy padling. There is not a dealer anywhere near me to try one out. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience they could share on these rigs

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    Default Never used one

    i have seen a few of these for sale on craigslist over in Hawaii.
    So i know someone over there is a dealer, but here in Alaska, I dunno.
    Hobbie is a quality brand and it shows in the prices.
    When someone owns something, they tend to take care of it, alot better than a rental.
    but for the most part, most people have respect for your equipment, and take care of it, but when it comes to moving parts, it can and sometimes will fail.
    I would imagine that hobbie has spent some time in getting a dependable product out to customers, and it should really work fine. its in there best interest to do that , as warranty repair work is expensive not only the labor and parts, but the reputation of having a quality product.
    Shipping to Alaska is a bit expensive, so find a dealer in the lower 48 near someone you know that is driving up this summer and have them bring it.
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    If you get one you should check out the Hobie Island. It not only has the mirage drive (pedals and flippers system) but a nice sized sail too, and outriggers! If you find a reasonable way to get it up here I'll order one too! Man that would be sweet tooling around Resurrection Bay in that - especially under sail.


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