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    Default Photo Gallery

    How can we set up a photo gallery like the hunting forum has, or something like that? I love to look at pictures and have alot, and i am sure many of you do too. Pictures will generate interest in the sport, and can act as a catalysts for some great conversation. For example Eric went down the Sag. and most likely has some pics., i want to go down the Sag. and would love to see his pics.
    Something attached somehow would keep the threads from being clogged with a bazillion pics.
    I don't know a thing about this, its just an idea maybe a dumb one, but that's me.
    For an example look at the Aire website then punch on there photo gallery.
    Each forum should have something like this.

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    Default Install a sticky for kayak pictures

    we can do that just for pictures.
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    Default Hi

    This is the nice information. Can we know more about this.

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